Rubber Chute: Download

SANDHYAFLEX involved in manufacturing and supplying of Rubber Chutes. Rubber Chutes are made for concrete discharge. The Rubber Chutes offered by us eliminated the plugging of screen undersize chutes and build-up of fines. This further helps in reducing the cleaning costs and lowering the downtime. Fabricated using Abra Super Rubber quality, the Rubber Chutes are durable, easily to bolt-in and convenient to be worked with standard air-delivery equipment.


This is the rubber discharge chute designed to fit on the end of the Bad Boy Mower deck. The thick rubber design increases the life of this Bad Boy mower discharge chute. It is constructed from durable rubber that deflects and guides discharge from the chute in a controlled matter. A worn out or missing chute will result in chaotic discharge which could cause damage to structures around you.


Physical Properties of Rubber

  • Hardness 50 to 60 Shore A
  • Tensile Strength-16.0MPa Min
  • Elongation at Break-400% Min
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Availability : From 4mm to 10mm
  • Durability : up to 8-10 Months


Discharge Chute Rubber


Wear and tear caused by varying height truck mixers and high volume concrete batching can result in frequent failure when using low grade discharging chutes. Repeated replacement creates excessive maintenance cost to plant, interruptions to production and repeated health and safety risks from working at height.

At Sandhya Enterprises manufacture discharge chutes which have been designed and engineered to provide effective and durable resistance to dispensed concrete ready mix.

Key features

. Excellent resistance to abrasion, tearing and weather.

. UV stable.

. Seamless sleeve.


. Maintenance – Ease of changing the units compared to other competitor’s units.

. Productivity – less plant downtime, better reliability.

. Risk – reduce time working at height.

. No clagging.

. Simplify Loading – high visibility.

. Competitively priced.


Manufacturing and Development

SANDHYAFLEX manufacturer and develop the  concrete Discharge Chutes Rubber. The Discharge Chutes Rubber are Fabricated using high grade abrasion resistant inner rubber.

Dimension of Discharge Chute Rubber

S.No. Code Inner Dia Wall Thickness Length
1 SANDHYAFLEX-DCR-152.4 6 152.4 4 1400
2 SANDHYAFLEX-DCR-203.2 8 203.2 4 1400
3 SANDHYAFLEX-DCR-254.4 10 254.4 6 1400
4 SANDHYAFLEX-DCR-304.8 12 304.8 6 1400
5 SANDHYAFLEX-DCR-406.4 16 406.4 8 1400
6 SANDHYAFLEX-DCR-508.0 20 508.0 10 1400
7 SANDHYAFLEX-DCR-609.6 24 609.6 10 1400