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Insulating Rubber Mat

Sandhya Enterprises are an ISO-9001:2015 certified co. engaged in Polymer & Rubber Industry from last more than three decades.

We at Metro Rubber Corporation (formerly Tata Rubber Corporation) offers premium grade Safety Mats for Electrical Purposes.

These are manufactured using materials with high di-electric strength & can withstands KV up to 3.3Kg,11.0 KV and 33.0KV. Apart of Insulation Mats our firm manufacturers various other Industrial Products namely Hose Pipes, Rubber Sheets, Silicone, Neoprene, Nitrile & other Synthetic Rubber Profiles.. Insulating Rubber Mat for Safety of workers while working with high or Low Voltage Electrical equipment. These mats are laid on floors in close vicinity to Electrical apparatus, L.T & H.T Control Panels, Switchboards, Fuse Boxes, Switch-gear, electrical Bus Bars & Heavy machinery. Insulation mats are made mandatory to be installed in Industrial Premises for safety of workers involved in any operation related to electricity generation, transmission or distribution.

Electric Safety Mats supplied by us compliance Indian/National/International Standards ASTM(American Society for Testing and Materials), IEC(International Electro technical Commission), BIS(Bureau of Indian Standards).

There shouldn’t be any Compromise with Safety. Poly Electro safe mat offer total Safety from “Electric-Shock”.

Moreover, we continuously seeks to develop Tools, Techniques and Products that will have a greater impact on workers’ safety!



Electrical Insulation mats for electrical purposes are used for the safety of electricians by provind the insulation against electricity and preventing the electric shocks. It is effective for both AC and DC installations. Synthetic Insulation Mats or Poly Elector Safe Mats are available both for H.T & LT Voltage Panels with the system voltages up to 66 kV ac and 240 V dc.These insulating mats can have safety related benefits as well as ergonomic benefits.

Insulating mat can be used in any type of industry where there is a electric shop and safety of technicians in danger. Electric shock proof mats and electrical insulation mats not only provides the protection from electric shocks but also works as cushion for the workers for ergonomically purposes. Ergonomically they provide cushion surface where workers can stand for longer period of time without complaining of ergonomically fatigue. Insulating mats for electrical panels can be very useful in industries where some sort of electrical work is done.

Today in Indian industries sometime not much attention is paid towards the safety of the workers. Although some companies forget that it doesn’t require too much effort to ensure the safety of employees. These mats provide a very good option to introduce safe working environment on the shop floor. Apart from safety it also improves the working conditions by providing the required to cushion to the technicians working on the shop floor with too much standing job.

Santosh rubber has the history of manufacturing best insulating mats in India with optimum quality and safety standards. These Electrical insulation mats will make your manufacturing facility completely shock proof.

Various area where these electric mats can be used are electricity control panels, HT & LT panels, energy sub stations and power control rooms etc.


Electrical Rubber Insulation Mats as per BIS Standard 15652-06 are divided in to three classes depending upon Voltage Ratings. The three classes varies in terms of Thickness of Mats, Voltage Grade, Proof Voltage & their break down voltage.


Class Thickness Grade KV Proof voltage B/Down voltage
A 2.0 mm 3.3 10KV/3 minutes 30 KV
B 2.5 mm 11 22KV/3 minutes 30 KV
C 3.0 mm 33 36KV/3 minutes 65 KV


Construction: Made from Highly Electrical resistant Elastomers, free from any insertions. “Elastomer” (a generic term that includes rubbers, Latex and elastomeric compounds that may be natural synthetic or a mixture or a combination of both). High Voltage Resistant Electrical Insulation Matting is made up of 100% virgin compound.

  • Colour: Any colour without metallic derivatives.
  • Surface:Anti-skid (rough on top & smooth at bottom to avoid       slippery effects).
  • Size: Can be in standard size- 1mtr x 2mtr or in Long rolls form.
  • Working Temperature Range: -10°C to +60°C.
  • Marking: Mats should be marked with Class, Lot No. and       Manufacturer Identity.
  • Packing: Should be packed in Gunny /Jute /Hessian /HDPE bags       to avoid any mechanical damage to the mats.
  • Silent Features of Electrical Insulating Mats:
  • High Di-Electric Strength up to 65KV.
  • Complies to IS:15652-2006 (latest).
  • Insulation Resistance Up to 1494000 Mega Ohm.
  • Superseding The Electric Shock Proof Rubber mats for Electrical       Purposes IS:5424.
  • Resistant to Fire.
  • Hold Excellent Physical Properties so that can withstands       movement of instrument involved in Electrical Equipment & Foot       Traffic. Resistant to wide range of Acids, Alkalis & Oils.
  • Withstands both AC & DC electrical installations.
  • Can be Pasted/Installed on Floor if required, not mandatory. Water       & moisture proof.
  • Exhibit good Elongation & Tensile Strength Properties.