Application: Fly Ash Rubber Hose,tank, truck, Bulker loading/unloading or in-plant transfer of dry bulk cement, sand, lime, slurry etc., suction or discharge of abrasive materials.


Lining : Uniform seamless tube of natural and synthetic blend rubber compound with excellent resistance to abrasion.

Reinforcement : Reinforcement of rubber impregnated woven textile applied on bias at approx.45 degree angle combination with galvanized steel wire

Cover : Corrugated/plain cloth marked outer cover made from natural rubber compound with excellent weather and abrasion resistant.

End Connections : Each Hose Length has soft ends for clamping or can be supplied with different type of nipples, flanges or fittings as per requirement.

Cover: W.P. of 1.0 Mpa & Min. B.P. of 3.0Mpa.

W.P. of 1.5 Mpa & Min. B.P. of 4.5Mpa .

As per IS: IS: 13071-1991 Specification


Core: Black colour, Synthetic and natural rubber blend resistant to abrasion

Reinforcement: High Tensile Synthetic Textile cord

Cover: Black colour, Synthetic rubber resistant to ozone, weather and abrasion

Application: For Cement/ Plaster/ Sand placement in construction industry

  • Working Pressure:10 Bar (10Kg/cm2)
  • Proof Pressure:1.5 times of W.P.
  • Bursting Pressure: 3 times of W.P.
  • Reinforcement: 2 or 3 galvanized wire helices embedded in layers of Rubber compounds
  • End Connection: Built –in- Flange Type
  • Maxim length: 15 Mtr till 5” Dia
  • Application: Suction & Discharge of Sand and Gravel, Mud Slurry, Concrete Slurry / Mining Particles etc.
  • Bore: Smooth Bore
  • Bending Radius:10xInner Diameter of Hose
  • Vacuum:Minimum700mmHg (0.9Bar)
  • Lining material:NR/SBR Resistant to the passage of Abrasive and Corrosive Products Hardness-50 to 60 Shore A.
  • Carcass: Synthetic Textile Plies with Embedded Steel Helix
  • Coating Material: Resistance to Severe and Bad Weather
  • Temperature: @1 Deg C to 100 Deg C
S.No Description Max Length
1 3” (75mm)ID x 5Mtr (LG) with Both End MS Flange as per ASA 150# 15 Mtr
2 4” (100mm)ID x 5Mtr (LG) with Both End MS Flange as per ASA 150# 15 Mtr
3 5” (125mm)ID x 5Mtr (LG) with Both End MS Flange as per ASA 150# 15 Mtr
4 6” (150mm)ID x 5Mtr (LG) with Both End MS Flange as per ASA 150# 15 Mtr