Oil Suction Rubber Hose: Download

Core (Lining) Black colour, Synthetic rubber resistant to oil, Smooth lining of suitable rubber compounds; uniform in thickness; free from air blisters & porosity; resistant to all grade of petroleum & blended products having an aromatic hydro-carbon content not more than 25%.
Reinforcement Plies of synthetic textile cords with steel helix and two cross anti static copper wire, Spiral Synthetic Fabric and High Tensile Steel Wire,  Plies of synthetic cords with steel helix and anti static copper wire. Plies of rubber impregnated woven textile with helically embedded G.I.wire
Cover Black colour, Synthetic rubber resistant to oil, ozone and abrasion, Cover: SBR blended, wrapped type, weather, oil, ozone, abrasion resistant.

Corrugated or cloth marked finish, suitable rubber compound having resistance to oil, abrasion & weather.

Application Mandrel built heavy duty oil suction and discharge hose for handling grades of gasoline or petroleum oils of aromatic content upto 50% from tank truck, in dispensing station etc, during winter/summer seasons and withstands full vacuum, Suitable for suction and delivery of petroleum and petroleum products having aromatic content not greater than 50%. Designed for suction and discharge use on various petroleum products with upto 50% aromatic content, whether in plant or on tankers. Is suitable for handling unleaded fuels and hydraulic oils in return lines and wet diesel exhaust.

Electrical Bonding : A copper wire comprising of a number of strands is embedded between the
reinforcement plies to provided electrical continuity along the whole length of the hose.

End connections: The hose has built in nipples with or without flanges as per customer’s specification. I-D (mm) Max Length (meters) Up to 125mm ID: 15.00Mtr (LG)/ Up to 200mm ID: 6.0/ above 200mmID:6.0Mtr,

End Connections: The hose has built in nipples flanges or without flanges as per customer’s specification.

Petroleum Hoses

In the petroleum industry, a faulty or broken hose can have extremely serious consequences. That’s why the tube and covers on SANDHYAFLEX hoses are specifically chosen and engineered to provide maximum life even in the most demanding applications. Every industrial, hydraulic and thermoplastic hose from SANDHYAFLEX is easy to handle and features a combination of low to high pressures, bore sizes, weights, lengths and transfer capabilities to provide safety, performance and flexibility for every job.

Common applications include:

  • Transfer of petroleum products
  • High-pressure suction and discharge of petroleum products
  • Transfer and blending of petroleum products; transfer of crude oil, salt water, slurries and non-potable water