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Mastic Pad: Sandhya Enterprises dealing and Supply of Jolly Board Expansion Joint Filler :  Jolly Board Expansion Joint Filler is manufactured from water resistant, mastic padbitumen impregnated, cane fibre. It is available in a wide range of sizes, both as boards & strips in thicknesses of 10 MM, 12 MM, 18 MM, 19 MM, 25 MM.

Jolly Expansion Joint Filler displays excellent resistance to compression, with outstanding recovery characteristics. The fillers are environment friendly as opposed to the environment destroying thermocole/plastic expansion joint filler.


Mastic Pad Applications:

External wall cladding: Filling structural expansion & structural separation joints in block & insitu concrete construction.

Traffic surfaces:Filling expansion joints in motorways,roads,runways,pedestrian areas, bridges, curbs etc.

Internal surfaces:Filling expansion joints across concrete floors, including screed floors with underfloor heating.

Roofs & floor finishes :Ideal for filling expansion joints in concrete floors.

Building superstructures:Filling expansion joints in basements, retaining walls, site slabs, subways & other water excluding structures.

Reinforced concrete structures:Expansion joint fillers in piers and lateral supports like abutments.

Expansion strips: Against existing or between adjacent constructions and insets in concrete paving like drains, manholes, etc.

Industrial Flooring

Internal finishes:Various other flat works and concrete floors according to the state of the art and local regulations.

hysical Properties: Jolly Bitulex Expansion Joint Fillers conform to the following required standards

ASTM -D. 1751-83/D.545 – 84 Testing `concrete paving and structural construction’ `pre-formed expansion Joint Fillers for concrete’ Department of Transport – London 1986: `specification to highway works, part 3, clause 1015′

B.S. 1142 for Standard Specifications for Expansion Joint Fillers.

IS 1838(Part-I) 1983 Standard Test of Expansion Joint Fillers.