SANDHYAFLEX DI Pipe Rubber Gaskets: – Download

Push On Joint (TYTON) Ring For Ductile Iron Pipe

They are used for sewerage purpose in the domestic and industrial area in the municipal region.
Push On Joint (Tyton) of Ductile Iron Pipe require Rubber Rings as per ISI:12820 which prescribes the rings as per IS:5382-1985 in dual hardness of Type II & V.

They are suitable for sealing water pipes of different types.
Gasket material in all respect comply with requirements specified in IS 5382 & IS 12820 standard

They are Manufactured from EPDM rubber providing improved performance over traditional natural rubber so they are called EPDM Tyton Gasket which also provides high resistance to water, ozone and heat.
Gasket is offered in SBR / EPDM / Neoprene / Nitrile

Sandhya Enterprises Manufacturer and supplier of Quality DI Pipe Gasket like Push On Joint (Tyton), ‘O’ Rings for C.I.D. Joints & RCC Spun Pipes, M/J Gaskets, Flat Gaskets for Flanged Joints.
Available Sizes : 80mm to 1200mm / 4″ to 24″

  • Excellent performance
  • Longer life
  • Ultra durability
  • Health safety
  • 100% Leak proof seal
  • Competitive price & Reliable product
  • Custom Engineered Design
  • The surface area of the pipe to be changed and free from mud, sand, pebbles & frozen materials.
  • Recommended adhesive to be applied in inner surface of Gasket to come into contact with pipe.
  • Adhesive to be applied on the outer surface of the plain end of pipe & alignment of pipes into socket enabling contact with gasket
  • Fit the gasket when the surface is free from foreign particles and clean
  • Use thin coat of adhesive on gasket and plain end of pipe
  • Place the plain end pipe above the ground