Chequired Electrical Rubber Mat: Download

Enterprises Chequired Electrical Resistance Rubber mats are made from Vulcanized Rubber Compound Free From Fabric  Insertions and Fibrous materials  and it is guaranteed fot the period of  18 months from the date of Dispatch or 12 months from the date of usages whichever is earlier. In case of Failure, our scope of warrantee limit only  to the repairs or replacement.

S. No. Product Code Thickness Recommended use/ Working Voltage AC Proof Voltage DI-electric Strength (Withstand Voltage
1 SANDHYAFLEX-CERM-6 ¼” 6.0 0.4KV 15.0KV 40.0KV
2 SANDHYAFLEX-CERM-8 2/16” 8.0 1.0KV 15.0KV 40.0KV
3 SANDHYAFLEX-CERM-10 3/8” 10.0 7.5KV 15.0KV 40.0KV
4 SANDHYAFLEX-CERM-12 ½” 12.0 11.0KV 15.0KV 40.0KV
5 SANDHYAFLEX-CERM-16 5/8” 16.0 17.0KV 15.0KV 40.0KV
6 SANDHYAFLEX-CERM-20 ¾” 20.0 22.0KV 15.0KV 40.0KV
7 SANDHYAFLEX-CERM-25 1” 25.0 33.0KV 15.0KV 40.0KV
8 SANDHYAFLEX-CERM-50 2” 50.0 33.0KV 15.0KV 40.0KV


S. No Characteristics Values
1 Material Composition Special Rubber  Compound of Hight Quality Natural Rubber Free From and Insertion
2 Tensile  Strength (T S) 50.0kg/cm2 min
3 Elongation at Break (E.B.) 250% min
4 Leakage Current 10mA max
5 Water Absorption 4.0% Max
6 Compression Set 10.0% max
7 Ageing Propertis at 70+1oC for 168 hrs a)    T.S. +10%,-25% max

b)    E.B, +10%,-25% max

8 Working Temperature 0oC t 55oc


Sr No. Features Values
1 Standard Size & Design 1).1.0Mtr.Widthx2.0Mtr.Length

2).3.0Ft. Width x3.0Ft.Length

2 Custum Size and Design Max.width upto 1000mm,Length upto 2000mm and Thickness upto 50.00 availabl
3 Standard Color Black (Red & Other Colors available on request subject to availability)
4 Manufacturing Tolerance + 10% on thickness, + 5% on the length and + 2% on the width

Electrical insulation mat dimension sizes Width and Length manufactured M 1 x 2 (standard), 0.9 x 1.8 meter, Mats Surface Finish anti skid chequered or fluted Top and plain Bottom, Mat Color Black as standard, also in Red, Mats Thickness MM 6.5, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25,50 Max, Av. Tensile Strength (kg/sqcm) 50 kg, Av. Elongation at break 250%, Voltage Test at 15000V for 1 minute with No puncture, insulating mats Breakdown strength > 40,000 Volts, Water Abso

rption test < 4 mg/sqcm.

Safety from electrical shock is required for workmen whether they are involved in electricity generation, transmission, distribution or its use. Chequired Electrical Rubber Mats are highly recommended for total safety of workmen from electrical shock when working in or around environment like:

  •   Switch Rooms
  •   AC Plant Rooms
  •   Power Transformer Rooms
  •   LT & HT Labs
  •   Generator Rooms
  •   All kind of Electrical Substations
  •   Lift Machine Rooms
  •   Electrical Panels
  •   X-Ray Plant Rooms
  •   Around Bus Bars

Why Our Electrical Insulating Rubber Mats?

  • Reliability – Our mats are highly reliable in their performance. Many clients put their trust in our mats for exactly that reason.
  • Affordable – These mats are highly affordable which makes them a value-for-money product. You will never regret putting your money into these mats.
  • Anti-Skid – They also have anti-skid qualities to ensure no mishap occurs while using them. Put your trust in these mats without thinking twice.

Our company is one of the most trusted Electrical Insulation Rubber Mat Exporters and Suppliers In India. Get in touch with us to buy exceptional Insulation Mats