Carbon Free Rubber Hose: Download

Free Hose for Furnace Coolant – 10 Bar

Sandhya Enterprises is  engaged in manufacturing a wide array of Carbon Free Rubber Hoses which are used for covering wires of the electrical and electronics devices. All our hoses and pipes are designed using high grade raw materials to provide high flexibility. These electrical accessories are widely acclaimed for the notable properties such as high flexibility, light weight. We endeavor to provide most reliable and genuine products at the most reasonable price.

In the steel, metal and foundry industries, Induction equipment’s are being used to melt or heat different metals. This induction furnace operate at high power, high voltage and high current. This high electrical power passes through semiconductor devices, capacitor, inductor, several copper bus bar, water cooled cable, induction coil. As very high current passes through all different component it get heated up. to cool this component, we have to provide water cooling or in other sense we have to pass water through these component, But this component carry very high voltage so we have to flow nonconductive-distilled water and also the rubber hose, which used to supply water must be nonconductive

We are a renowned name as Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Carbon Free Hose Pipes in India. The Hose Pipes, we bring forth, are manufactured with the use of high-grade stainless steel bands, compact cable hoses, copper rope, protection bumpers, etc. as per the industry set quality standards. They are used in a number of industries and are highly demanded owing to their superior performance, heat resistant quality, and excellent finish. To entertain the varied piping needs of buyers, these Carbon Free Hose Pipes are made available in different.


  •  Hose is made up of water resisting & water proof rubber.
  •  Surfaces at both the ends of Hose are finished flat, while remaining surface is finished corrugated.
  •  The flat finished surfaces relieve the repeated bending stress applied to the conductor end.
  •  On the surface of Hose, water proof material is adhered during the vulcanization process.
  •  Stainless Steel clamps will be used to clamp the Hose Pipes.
  •  Rubber must be carbon free
  •  non conductive, very low leakage current at high voltage
  •  must withstand operating pressure
  •  long durability–synthetic rubber having long durability
  •  operating temperature more than 120 °C
  •  Good flexibility to accommodate small band
  •  good abrasive strength to protect from external wear and tear


Used in conveying furnace coolant, carrying power cables in steel mills, glass industry and for other non conductive application. For carrying power cables in glass works, electrical furnaces, servicing in iron & steel industries for protection from exposure to high temperature, current leakage, radiation from steel furnace, open flame and splashes of hot metal.


Lining: Carbon free made from synthetic rubber having white wall, Smooth white synthetic rubber tube, non conductive, Smooth, non conductive, natural/ synthetic/blend rubber compound.

Reinforcement: Cotton textile fabric, High tensile synthetic plies, Natural/synthetic rubberized woven textile fabric

Cover: Abrasion, weather & heat resistant,Smooth fabric marked green synthetic rubber. Heat, Weather & Abrasion resistant. Glass fiber cover co-vulcanized with outer rubber cover. This cover is resistant to occasional contact with molten material, Oil, heat and electrical resistant synthetic rubber compound with or
without asbestos outer


-20  to +100 Construction

Working Pressure:10 Kgf/cm2

Carbon free hoses are available in red, blue or green colour for identification.


Carbon free rubber hoses are available with or without asbestos cover both.

SThese are specially designed hoses to carry cables that can conduct upto 11KVA and above.

A synthetic carboon free white tube is used inside to provide the strength and resistance against high heat and electricity.
Asbestos cover is provided on the outer side for longer life.
Can handle the working pressure ranging from 7 kg/cm2 to 15 kg/cm2

Roll Lengths manufactured are 10 meters Min. (= 32 feet Approx.) and Max Length 20 meters produced in each size of Mandrel built woven ply hoses.

** Packaging in coils wrapped in HDPE or Jute cloth straight stuffed from factory into direct truck/ trailer.

*** Asbestos Cover externally also provided that can withstand hot metal splashes temperature > +250° C up to +460° C.

Nom. Bore
in (mm)
Tolerance on
Nom. bore (mm)
W.( Kg. /.P c.m2 ) P.P. ( Kg. / cm2 ) B.P. ( Kg. / cm2 )
12.00 ± 0.75 10.0 20.0 40.00
16.00 ± 0.75 10.0 20.0 40.00
20.00 ± 0.75 10.0 20.0 40.00
25.00 ± 1.25 10.0 20.0 40.00
28.00 ± 1.25 10.0 20.0 40.00
31.05 ± 1.25 10.0 20.0 40.00
35.00 ± 1.50 10.0 20.0 40.00
38.00 ± 1.50 10.0 20.0 40.00
50.00 ± 2.00 10.0 20.0 40.00
56.00 ± 2.00 10.0 20.0 40.00
60.00 ± 2.00 10.0 20.0 40.00
63.00 ± 2.00 10.0 20.0 40.00
70.00 ± 2.00 10.0 20.0 40.00
75.00 ± 2.00 10.0 20.0 40.00
100.00 ± 2.50 10.0 20.0 40.00
150.00 ± 3.00 10.0 20.0 40.00